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Root Canal Treatment

A Personal Approach


A Healthy Mouth Is Our First Priority

At Leominster Endodontic Care, we provide a standard of excellence in personalized care for our patients. Located in Leominster, MA, and serving Central Massachusetts, we work with your dentist to provide high-quality endodontic treatment for patients of all ages. We are here when you need a root canal.

Root Canal Treatment

Leominster Endodontic Care provides a comfortable, caring, and compassionate environment. We offer personalized, comprehensive root canal treatments to save your teeth, improve your dental health, and restore your smile. Serving patients across Central Massachusetts, you can trust Dr. Tsai to perform your root canal procedure with exceptional care.

A root canal treatment removes infected pulp and nerve in the root of the tooth. The tooth is then thoroughly cleaned and the canal is filled with safe, inert material and sealed to ensure a healthy tooth.


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